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Kevin Weiss Waterford , U.S. Minor Outlying Is.

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About me

I am a 6 foot 1 mail, who plan for the earth is very complicated, but here is the basic over veiw, i want to reform our goverment because it is corrupt. Things have been kept from us for to long. This is not what the founding fathers wanted... for the goverment to take away our liberty and right of power. It is our choice on how to run our country our goverment has no say in wat they tell us or not. Big changes are going to be made.. and i tell you this i will be the one person to pull this country out of


I am a pc gamer, who has dreams of becoming a world leader and a pro football player, plus a pro gamer.


I like the alternative, and the rock music!!

Movies and TV:

I like watching Family guys and south park+ war movies!!


Football, tabel tennis, biking, swimming, baseball, basketball, and then there is the art of thinking of idea for world reform.


Computer graphic design!


I will reform this goverment to its former glory!!!


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Call of Duty